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Bhutan in Real Sense

Very desperately, we have to say that mainly India and the western world persuaded king Jigme assuming his steps as sacrifice to the people of Bhutan. The western world might have taken king Abdullah of Saudi Arabia as a role model. But, king Jigme and Bhutan can’t be compared with such a Middle East power block in politico-economic terms. Bhutan remained aloof for dozen of decades from the outer world and so was the political structure, economic activities, civic life and issues of government-citizen relations. For decades, the kingdom home to only six hundred thousand people, has been the adobe of interest by social scientists, independent journalists and even the natural scientists.

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When Beatings Become Routine…

In the prison, Captain Tandin and Captain Ugey took away all my clothing and started charging ruthlessly with wooden baton. Next, they started to beat on the soles of my feet. At first, I screamed in agony. Due to nonstop beating, I began to lose the sense of touch. My entire body started swelling up and nerves began to numb. Slowly, I began to lose my sense of place and time. They stopped beating. One of the officers leaned towards me and said, “Tomorrow, I am meeting the King and what do you think I should tell him for the resolution of the problem?”

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Bhutan in real sense

In December 2006, in the tiny Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan, the then ruling King, 51 years old Jigme Singye Wangchuk announced that he would abdicate his throne, setting the country to a path toward parliamentary democracy. Earlier in 1991 too, he had made similar type of announcement stating, “If the problem in south is not […]

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Bhutanese show of culture in Melbourne

October 25, 2010: Bhutanese community in Melbourne, presented an awesome cultural program on the occasion of Dasai, one of the greatest Hindu festivals, on Saturday October 23. The program featured a series of cultural performances in typical Nepali dress and songs. The performances included Sangini, Balan, Deusi, children dance and fashion parade exhibiting diversity of […]

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First business newspaper celebrates anniversary

October 24, 2010: Country’s first business newspaper Business Bhutan has marked its first anniversary this week. The weekly paper had entered market last year amidst speculation of survival when existing papers were suffering out of advertisement shortage and government subsidy. Editor of the paper Tashi Dorji, in his special editorial on anniversary issue, mentioned that […]

Published on Oct 23 2010 // Media Monitor

TCR figures cross 36,000

October 24, 2010: The number of exiled Bhutanese who have departed Nepal under third country resettlement program has reached 36,618 as of September end. According to Nepal’s Home Ministry, 82 exiled Bhutanese have recently left Nepal for Britain under the third country resettlement plan. Resettlement of exiled Bhutanese, assisted by the United Nations Refugee Agency […]

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Danish Bhutanese announce community org

October 24, 2010: Exiled Bhutanese resettled in Denmark have formally announced their community organization – Association of Nepali Speaking Bhutanese in Denmark (ANSBD) – on October 23. In their attempt to form organization, the first meeting was held on July 10 this year in Silkiborg. The second gathering on Saturday in Middelfart, attended by 28 […]

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Increasing fraud and embazzlement

October 23, 2010: The annual audit report says the fraud and embezzlement in government offices is gradually opening up – government losing over Nu 74.1M in the last three years, mainly due to ineffective supervision and lack of systematic internal controls. According to the report, government lost Nu 43M in 2007, Nu 9.7M in 2008 […]

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One gate opens, other closes

October 23, 2010: At a time Bhutan and India are likely to agree on opening up yet another gate in Phuentsholing to ease trade, construction of a border check post along the Indo-Bhutan border at Daifam has been temporarily suspended following an objection raised by Indian side. In a statement, SS Meenakshi Sundaram, Deputy Commissioner, […]

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A real quest

BY IP ADHIKARI : To my understanding, this is another testimony of leaders fighting against a tyranny – a passionate and consistent fight against all odds. Bhutan has so far been in mission to bamboozle the world community to tag us terrorists and anti nationals. It’s in mission to tell the world that all those demanding democracy and human rights in Bhutan are working against national interest and that Bhutan has not committed any human rights violations or tortured any activists

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