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Bhutan says 'no seats' for journalists

Logistic coordinators in Thimphu, the capital of Bhutan, are up against housing over 300 journalists who reached Bhutan to cover-up the 16th South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) summit. Media coordinators have found themselves at a loss when India and Pakistan decided to send 43 and 31 media persons respectively. This is not the […]

Published on Apr 28 2010 // Commentary

No miracles in Bhutan

The 16th SAARC Summit opens in Bhutan’s capital, Thimphu, this morning with leaders of its eight member-states already assembled there for two-days of another “landmark” event. Every annual summit of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation is a “landmark” event ending with a new declaration full of lofty rhetoric. The Thimphu summit is unlikely to do more.

Published on Apr 28 2010 // Main News

Delhi High Court dismisses extradition case against R K Dorji

April 22, 2010: The extradition proceedings against R. K. Dorji, the president of the Druk National Congress, has finally ended Wednesday, after the withdrawal of the case by the Government of India. The counsel of the Union of India submitted in the Delhi High Court that the Royal Government of Bhutan preferred not to pursue […]

Published on Apr 22 2010 // Main News

Rizal appeals SAARC leaders

April 16, 2009: Human rights leader Tek Nath Rizal has appealed the SAARC member countries to take up the issue of exiled Bhutanese during the upcoming SAARC summit in Thimphu. Bhutan will host the 16th summit in Thimphu on April 28-29 for the first time since the inception of this regional organization some two and […]

Published on Apr 16 2010 // Main News

Ad firm takes media to court

Proprietor accuses BICMA and newspaper companies of collusion 12 April, 2010 – An advertising firm, Druk Advertisement, has sued the six newspaper companies and Bhutan info comm and media authority (BICMA) for allegedly colluding against the firm to suspend its activities. Druk Advertisement, which started a free circulation of an advertisement magazine in February, suspended […]

Published on Apr 13 2010 // Media Monitor

Bhutan projects itself for unstable politics

The ‘democratic government’ of Bhutan has given hints that this country is likely to face insurgency or the political turmoil in future. The government a few years back had announced its intention to form a counter-insurgency force, has finally been materialized. The youth sensitization, under police-youth collaboration, followed government’s announcement to form such military armed […]

Published on Apr 13 2010 // News Analysis

ADB downsizes govt's growth projection

As against the government projection to attain 10 percent growth rate, Asian Development Bank projects that Bhutan will attain only 6 percent growth rate in the fiscal year 2010 that will grow up to 6.5 percent in 2011. Bhutan has a record of relatively strong growth that has cut poverty and advanced social development. It […]

Published on Apr 13 2010 // Main News

Open letter to Jigme Y Thinley

Please acknowledge my tardy wishes, both congratulations and appreciations, for serving the country in the aptitude of the first elected prime minister of a “democratic” Bhutan. In many areas in the country, some positive changes, which are noticeable, have taken place. This is an appreciating initiative. Honestly, you should, however, admit that the phenomenon of modern democracy is yet to be ushered in true guts

Published on Apr 08 2010 // Opinion

PM stresses to rescue parties financially

Prime Minister Jigmi Y Thiney pointed out that there was no option in extending state funding to rescue the political parties, financially bankrupt since 2008.

Thinley defended that Bhutanese citizens have not understood the importance of democracy as a system, and until such feelings start culturing, the parties must survive with state funding.

However, he also said that

Published on Apr 07 2010 // Main News