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Carter expresses inability, forwards it to Obama

March 31, 2010: In a response to petition submitted by a resettled Bhutanese, Parangkush Subedi, who is pursuing his Master’s in Public Health from Emory University, former US President Jimmy Carter said he was unable to intervene in the long-standing problem of Bhutanese in exile. Although, he recognizes the seriousness of the challenges faced by […]

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Students learn journalism tricks

While many of their friends screamed out their hearts practicing for an upcoming talent show, 35 odd students sat wide-eyed listening to behind-the-scenes stories of newspaper journalism. Adding to the heat of a spring afternoon in Paro last Saturday, Yoserling Higher Secondary School got a feel of news gathering and writing as a bunch of […]

Published on Mar 30 2010 // Media Monitor

Bhutanese culture becomes integral part of Harmony Day celebration in Australia

March 26, 2010: Bhutanese Community in Australia Inc (BCA) participated in a series of functions to celebrate the Cultural Diversity Week and Harmony Day, March 21. Victoria celebrates and promotes the rich cultural values and traditions on Harmony Day by organizing series of functions across the State. Amongst many of those events, annual Premier’s Gala […]

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Conflict between the Shabdrung and Kings

Times and again we are informed that the institution of the Zhabs-drung rule came to an end with the establishment of the dynastic rule in 1907. However, Jigs-med Dorji (1905-1931), born in Tawang region, came to be indentified with the last official incarnation of the Zhabs-drung. Charles-Bell mentions in his Confidential Report of Bhutan in […]

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Unfinished business of democracy

March 24, 2010: On March 23, the government moth piece wrote in its editorial that ‘we have unfinished business as far as democracy in Bhutan in concerned’. It’s might have been a pinching issue for Bhutan government had it been said by exiled citizens. But, the fact is coming out from within that Bhutanese democracy […]

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Most suggestions accepted

March 20, 2010 – The government accepted a majority of the recommendations it received for its first universal periodic review (UPR), during the 13th session of the human rights council (HRC) held on March 18 in Geneva. Of the remainder, the delegation pointed out that some are already addressed by existing laws and the rest […]

Published on Mar 23 2010 // Human Rights Monitor

My attachment with Bhutan

I have my sentimental and emotional attachment with Bhutan. The reason behind this is I was there in Bhutan long time ago to set the foundation of democratic movement in the country. I am not yet able to forget that history. That has left a set back on me. Like Tek Nath Rizal, even BP […]

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Girija passes away

Kathmandu, March 20 : Former Nepali Prime Minister cum President of Nepali Congress Girija Prasad Koirala has passed away at 12: 11 noon today wrote Bhutan News Service quoting flash bulletin of  Nepal FM Network, Kathmandu. One of the founding members of Bhutan State Congress formed inside Bhutan, 87-year-old Koirala played crucial role in hosting […]

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BAF concludes mission Geneva

March 19, 2010: The Bhutanese Advocacy Forum – Europe concluded its campaign in Geneva on Thursday finally attending the 13th session of Human Rights Council where resolution on UPR human Rights report on Bhutan was adopted. Before the session begun, the BAF delegates made intensive lobby and distributed appeal and testimonies of torture victims from […]

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Students, public to learn about media

March 16, 2010: To create awareness and ed­ucate people on the media, Ministry of Information and Communications (MoIC), in collaboration with the Min­istry of Education (MoE), has developed a curriculum framework for schools and programmes for the public. The media literacy cur­riculum and teacher’s guide, which were developed in 2009 by MoIC, MoE, Royal University […]

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