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Bhutan media foundation established through royal kasho

21 February 2010 – Coinciding with His Majesty’s 30th birthday anniversary, His Majesty the King issued a royal kasho (charter) formally establishing the Bhutan media foundation. The media foundation is being established to support the development of mass media, so that it can carry out its roles and responsibilities in the interest of democracy. According […]

Published on Feb 28 2010 // Media Monitor

The politics of religion

Bhutan long cherished the mission of culture preservation, the energy primarily injected by the Kagyupa priesthood, the national cult declared officially in 2008 when constitution was adopted. The attempts to end the isolation were long shattered by the leaders of Drukpa Buddhism in the past. Though efforts are still on hold, they are gradually becoming […]

Published on Feb 28 2010 // Commentary

Fuel prices increase

February 28, 2009: The fuel prices in Bhutan have been increased following price hike in India. The prices of fuels in Bhutan are adjusted at par with Indian market. The price of the petrol has been increased by Nu 2.67 per liter and that of diesel by Nu 2.59 per liter. Before, the fuel prices […]

Published on Feb 28 2010 // Main News

Right to education at risk

February 25, 2010: The right to education in Bhutan is likely to deteriorate in the years to come, thanks to rigidity in issuing new permits to open more private colleges in the country. Less than half of the grade 10 pass out students will get admission this year in government-run higher secondary schools. Noting poor […]

Published on Feb 25 2010 // Human Rights Monitor

Entry of foreign bank is both opportunity and challenge: IMF

February 25, 2010: International Monetary Fund (IMF) has expressed both happiness and caution on the entry of foreign banks in the banking industry of Bhutan. Though it said, the entry would open up markets for competition and improve distribution of money, the IMF said it will also pose challenges on loans and credits. The international […]

Published on Feb 25 2010 // Main News

Bhutanese monarch Vs free press

No where in histories we see absolute rulers letting the media run freely. In a surprising attempt to keep regime’s direct influence in media sector, coinciding with his 30th birthday anniversary, the young oxford-graduated king of Bhutan, King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck, issued a royal kasho (charter/decree) formally establishing the Bhutan Media Foundation in the […]

Published on Feb 25 2010 // News Analysis

Bhutanese in Sydney show their strength on indoor soccer

February 23, 2009: Until a year ago ‘Bhutanese in exile’ was the  symbolic shadow under which we used to stand. September 2008, came as a great beacon light of hope to the thousands of Bhutanese youths who had lit the flame of gender discrimination, deprived from the justice and right they deserved. The day when […]

Published on Feb 23 2010 // Main News

Postmortem of Subba concludes, funeral processing scheduled(update)

February 20: The postmortem of former camp secretary Ramesh Subba, who was shot dead on February 19, was done yesterday at Bhadrapur-based hospital. Aita Maya Subba, spouse of late Ramesh who was present at the spot said “My husband was talking to me in my cell while he was shot.” Aita Maya further added that […]

Published on Feb 21 2010 // Main News

Ex-secy murdered (Breaking News)

Beldangi, Feb. 10: Ramesh Subba, the ex-secretary of Beldangi I was shot dead yesterday evening. Subba, the temporary resident of Beldangi I sector G was shot  to death by three unidentified gunmen at Kakarvitta,the Indo-Nepal boarder. His dead body is kept at Bhadrapur Hospital for postmartem. According to T.B Gurung,the camp secretary of Beldangi I,the […]

Published on Feb 20 2010 // Main News

Eastern Bhutan closed to conserve happiness

Twelve years ago, eastern Bhutan was closed to trap and kill the rebels who raised voice against the autocratic regime in Thimphu. At least one hundred and fifty eastern Bhutanese were arrested and tortured to coerce them to confess being the supporters of Rongthong Kunley Dorji of Druk National Congress (DNC) and United Front for […]

Published on Feb 03 2010 // News Analysis