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Celebration season in camps

November 29, 2009: The November end and first week of December, every year, turns out to be celebration season in Bhutanese refugee camps. There is a long list of days for celebration during this cold season. It has been the tradition and means to engage refugees not only to raise awareness but helping them get […]

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Korean delegation in country to assess Korea-funded project

November 27, 2009: A delegation of the Jinju National University (JNU) from South Korea is currently in the kingdom for updates on the Korea-funded projects in Trongsa. The Korean team during its visit in 2008 identified Samcholing under Drakten geog in Trongsa as a potential area for the expansion of green tea cultivation. After the […]

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Bhutan panic in Darjeeling hills

A delegation from the Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs recently returned to Thimphu from its Darjeeling and Kalimpong trip assessing the situation of Bhutanese students who are pursuing their higher education in this hilly town. The ministry was concerned about the students after the Gorkha Janamukti Morcha (GJM), the agitating political party for a […]

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Rupee use in Bhutan to be banned

November 21, 2009: The Royal Monetary Authority (RMA) has decided to call back all the Indian currency currently in circulation in Bhutan market. According to the decision, the India currencies will no more be circulated in Bhutan as in past. This is perhaps the strongest decision that the central money market regulator has taken in […]

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An Open letter to the Bhutanese parliamentarians

Date: November 19, 2009 (6:30 GMT) Dear Parliamentarians, On the eve of the 4th session of the first Bhutanese parliament, we want to put forth the immediate concern of the Bhutanese people both inside the country and in exile. The historical importance of your deliberations will be judged by the historians as well as by […]

Published on Nov 20 2009 // Opinion

Photo essay: refugees from Bhutan

In Bhutan, a Himalayan country famed for its focus on Gross National Happiness, the Nepalese minority has been forced out. Anna Husarska traveled to their refugee camps to document their plight Born in Bhutan, a Himalayan country of less than a million inhabitants, this woman will probably never again see her homeland; this photo was […]

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Bhutan least corrupted in South Asia

November 19, 2009: Bhutan has been rated as least corrupted in South Asia. According to the new report by Transparency International, Bhutan has been ranked 49th in the list of 180 countries. Bhutan is followed by India (84), Sri Lanka (97) Bangladesh and Pakistan (139) Nepal (143) and Afghanistan (179). Bhutan is ranked 10th least […]

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No live cast of parliament proceedings

November 19, 2009: Like in last session, the National Assembly has restricted Bhutan Broadcasting Service for live telecast of the parliament proceedings of the fourth session that starts Friday. The session ends on December 11. However, the TV has been permitted for live telecast of opening and closing days and when the anti corruption committee’s […]

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The Bhutan Reporter, Issue 51

Published on Nov 18 2009 // The Bhutan Reporter

Devising bio-security strategies

November 17, 2009: The country that reserves at least 60 percent of its total land for forests has started serious debate on protecting bio-diversity in the changing climatic conditions. The two-day national consultation workshop on devising strategies for bio-security ended in Thimphu today. The workshop concentrated on extensive debate on Bio-security Policy of the Kingdom […]

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