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Depening democracy: paradoxical Paro conference

Bhutan hosted the three day international conference on “Deepening and Sustaining democracy” (12-14 Oct), jointly organized by the Center for Bhutan studies and UNDP. It should be a matter of pride for the government of Bhutan to hold such magnanimous conference with a bit of experience on democracy. But for the SAARC region it is […]

Published on Oct 31 2009 // News Analysis

IFC suggests SEZs for Bhutan

October 31, 2009: International Finance Corporation (IFC) has advised Bhutan to plan strategically to get benefits from China and India by developing Special Economic Zones (SEZ) in the country. IFC representatives Deborah Porte upon completion of her feasibility study for construction of SEZs in the country, said in a report that debates for works on […]

Published on Oct 31 2009 // Main News

Bangladeshi PM schedules Bhutan trip

Kathmandu, October 29, 2009: Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina will land Thimphu on November 6 to observe the signing ceremony of a new bilateral trade agreement, which aims to enhance the commercial relations between the two countries. In her presence, during the three-day state visit, leaders of the chamber of commerce from both the […]

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IFJ alarmed by mass resignation

Kathmandu, October 29, 2009: The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) has said it is alarmed to learn the mass resignation of journalists from the Bhutan Times, after sharp disagreements on editorial process and content with a newly appointed chief executive. In a statement, the global trade union of working journalists, said ownership of Bhutan’s first […]

Published on Oct 29 2009 // Media Monitor

Religious discrimination continues in disguise

October 28, 2009: “While subtle pressure on non-Buddhists to observe the traditional Drukpa values and some limitations on constructing non-Buddhist religious buildings remained, the Government took steps to improve religious freedom in the country.” This is what a new report on religious freedom published by the US Department of States for 2009 mentions in its […]

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Bhutan’s future in democracy

A year after Bhutan entered into party politics with a fabricated form of democratic system, it has organized the first conference talking democracy in Asia sphere. For decades, Bhutan resisted democracy in the name of preserving culture and religious unity. In many instances, Bhutan said it cannot tolerate religious and cultural diversity, which is fundamentally […]

Published on Oct 27 2009 // Opinion

Unchanged Bhutan

The rulers and ruled are same, the only thing that changed is the way government is formed. As admitted by Prime Minister Jigmi Thinley during his meeting with two German constitution experts who were in Thimphu visit, Bhutan’s changes are just the showcase. It is a day dream for general people to feel the changes […]

Published on Oct 26 2009 // Opinion

Media infringement reflected, editor and reporters walk out BT

  Oct 23: Citing interference by the management, the editor and the half of the entire reporters of the Bhutan’s first private newspaper, ‘Bhutan Times’ (BT) tendered resignation yesterday.  The resignation signed jointly by the editor Gopilal Acharya, the chief reporter and five other reporters was turned into the management, publicizing the notice into effect […]

Published on Oct 24 2009 // Media Monitor

Refugee registration fraud disclosed

Oct 20: Two non-Bhutanese have been reported to get registered in Beldangi-I refugee camp in place of two registered Bhutanese who have gone outside camp for employment.  Yam Bahadur Rai and his nephew Kirtiman Rai, registered in sector D/4, Hut No. 268 and 69 respectively have been displaced by two unknown locals with the help […]

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Mon Maya laid to rest in peace

Adelaide, October 20: The funeral ceremony of Late Mon Maya Ghimirey has been completed Tuesday at the Enfield Memorial Park, on the 13th day of her demise. Pastor Jude began the services at 1:15 PM while the recorded message from Pastor Gopi Chandra Silwal from Sanischare refugee camp in Nepal, where Mon Maya was resettled […]

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