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First book on Bhutanese media released

Nepalese Minister for Information and Communication Krishna Bahadur Mahara has assured to provide recognition to Bhutanese journalists in exile who have been publishing newspapers, running radio programme and online

Published on Mar 31 2009 // Main News

Dancing floors on the boom

Entertainment bars playing western music and dancing to the floor was looked at as the agent to erode Bhutanese culture and tradition by the rulers in the past. The things have changed and young generation is moved by the changing scapes of entertainment

Published on Mar 30 2009 // Main News

A strategy to tackle stray dogs

For decades in the past, the government of Bhutan stayed a mute spectator to the stray dog problem in the name of not harming animals as prescribed by Buddhism philosophy.

Published on Mar 30 2009 // Main News

Tsirang sees problem, opportunity together

For the Tsirang residents, problems and opportunities seem to have arrived simultaneously that confused them how to make best use of the both without knowing what future prospects they have carried in

Published on Mar 30 2009 // Main News

ACC’s new strategy to tackle corruption

Amid the increasing instances of corruption and bribery cases across the country, Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) has launched its strategies on March 26 on how to combat the corruption in the country

Published on Mar 30 2009 // Main News

BNB begins mobile banking services

Bhutan National Bank (BNB) has started mobile banking service from Friday targeting the increasing mobile users in the urban centers of the country

Published on Mar 28 2009 // Main News

Media: Consciously Unconscious

The Bhutanese media is on the footstool of a ‘great big leap’. After the initial baby steps, its bold strides have arrived to mixed reverberations of awe and applause to disgust and dread. It is perhaps time for deep soul-searching for the direction of the Bhutanese media. This ominous void is an invocation of a […]

Published on Mar 28 2009 // Commentary

Building parliament-media relations

The government once again has reiterated its commitment to improve the relation between the parliament and the budding media industry in the country

Published on Mar 28 2009 // Media Monitor

Bhutan’s growth rate declines sharply

According to report ‘Economic and Social Survey of Asia and the Pacific 2009: Addressing triple threats to Development’ by Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) made public Thursday, the GDP rate has slowed down to 5 perncent in 2008 compared to 21.4 percent in 2004. The report forecast 6.2 percent growin in the year 2009

Published on Mar 27 2009 // Main News

Building village-camp relations

Representatives from exiled Bhutanese community living in UNHCR administered camps in Beldangi and local residents have started building measure to warm up relations

Published on Mar 26 2009 // Main News