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Seeking a better life for children (Reproduction)

Som Baral had a good job as a math teacher in Nepal and ran a small grocery store on the side. The money was enough that his family could afford to rent an apartment outside the camp that held Bhutanese refugees. But Baral knew the future was uncertain, especially for his 8-year-old daughter, Sabina. So, […]

Published on Nov 29 2008 // Main News

Resettlement has gained momentum

Nepal Resettlement Program Manager for International Organization for Migration (IOM), David Derthick, 52, is also the IOM Head of Sub-Office Damak. Derthick has worked with refugees since 1983 in Indonesia, The Philippines, Kenya and Nepal. After the signing of Memorandum of Understanding with the government of Nepal on September 3, 2007, IOM opened offices in […]

Published on Nov 28 2008 // Interview

‘Resettlement has gained huge momentum’ (Resettlement)

Kathmandu, November 28: Nepal Resettlement Program Manager for International Organisation for Migration (IOM), David Derthick, also the IOM Head of Sub-Office Damak has said the resettlement program for exiled Bhutanese is gaining huge momentum. In an interview with Bhutan News Service (BNS), Derthick said where there is a refugee resettlement program, there will be attempts […]

Published on Nov 28 2008 // Main News

Resettlement in Netherlands benefits sick, disabled people (Resettlement)

Hague, November 28: Between 2007 and 2008, 22 invited exiled Bhutanese arrived to the Netherlands. In November 2008, a Dutch team visited Nepal for a second selection. It is estimated that another 80 people will be invited by the Dutch government in 2009. Exiled Bhutanese are received by COA (Central Agency for the Reception of […]

Published on Nov 28 2008 // Main News

Cabinet makes new appointments (City)

Thimphu, November 28: The meeting of the council of ministers held early this week is leant to have made few new appointments. Though the decisions are not been publicized as usual, it is learnt that General V Namgyal has been appointed as the new ambassador to India and Nepal. Namgyal replaces Dago Tshering. Similarly, Yeshey […]

Published on Nov 28 2008 // Main News

What coronation is for Bhutanese in exile?

Jayanti reports from Goldhap how Bhutanese in exile thought on coronation of fifth king Jigme Khesar Namgyal Wangchuk on November 6. Chandra Chetri, who was among the first to express willingness for third country resettlement but still living in Khudunabari camps, talks of his dreams and setbacks. Arjun Pradhan from Beldangi reports about celebration of […]

Published on Nov 27 2008 // Podcast

Halt resettlement

Dilli ram Ghorsai and Bhakta Raj Giri talks about the rationale of halting resettlement program unless Bhutan agrees to start taking back its citizens.

Published on Nov 27 2008 // Podcast

Hero talks of his cruel days

Dhan Kumar Rai, who arrived Kathmandu recently after serving 17 years of jail term in Bhutan talks to Bhutan News Service about his days in those jails and future plans. Bhakta Ghimire reports on attempt forgery by non-Bhutanese for resettlement. The then president of Bhutan People’s Party (BPP) late R. K. Budathoki talks about the […]

Published on Nov 27 2008 // Podcast

How was the tihar in camps?

Ichha Poudel reports about tihar celebration in camps. Thakur Mishra talks to olderly Padmaoti Niraula who remembers her life back in Bhutan.

Published on Nov 27 2008 // Podcast

Rizal unsatisfied with resettlement

T. P. Mishra reports from Indo-Bhutan border about the on coronation of fifth king. A raped-girl tells her story. Tek Nath Rizal and her wife Kaushila seen on Youtube video talking about their struggle and ongoing resettlement process

Published on Nov 26 2008 // Podcast