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Nepal’s armed group claims responsibility of the blast (Update)

Damak, July 01: An armed rebellion group in Nepal’s southern belt has claimed responsibility over the explosion at the Damak office of International Organization of Migration (IOM). In a phone call to local journalists, local leader of the group named Janatantrik Terai Mukti Morcha led by a person called Jwala Singh, Arjun Yadav said the […]

Published on Jun 30 2008 // Main News

Laptops banned in National Assembly (Politics)

Thimphu, July 01: The National Assembly restricted all its members from using laptop computers during the house session for fear they might spend their time playing computer games. The decision came soon after some member demanded the use of laptops instead of bundles of papers while coming to the session. The provision has been made […]

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IOM office in Damak exploded (Breaking News)

Damak, June 30: Office of the International Organization of Migration (IOM) in Damak has been exploded on Monday night. According to local police, the explosion took place at around 8 pm local time. Details of the losses from the explosion are yet to be known. Rescue operation was underway by the time this news was […]

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Daily tariff for tourists increases (Economy)

Thimphu, June 30: The Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB) has decided to increase tariff for foreign tourists visiting Bhutan from US$200 to US$250, applicable in peak seasons. The daily tariff for seasons that attract fewer tourists will remain at US$200, including all other discount, surcharge and royalty. The Association of Bhutanese Tour Operators (ABTO) has […]

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&#039King hasn&#039t understood what the problem in Bhutan is&#039

Devi Bhakta Lamitarey, was and still is in the list of wanted anti-government leader in Bhutan. Being one of the founding leader of Bhutan State Congress (later renamed Bhutan National Congress), Lamitarey waged peaceful war against discriminatory policies of the government, and most importantly for establishing democracy and human rights in Bhutan. Through two of […]

Published on Jun 28 2008 // Interview

Fears of reality spills (Editorial)

With the resettlement process of the exiled Bhutanese getting accelerating, Bhutan’s despotic regime sees greater challenges to hide its inhuman and barbaric activities of expelling its citizens. The resettlement process, the stories of the exiled Bhutanese getting spaces in western media and increasing number of people and agencies getting facts of the Bhutan’s oppression against […]

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Bruises of two decades

It has almost been two decades we spent our days in Nepal. To review our fight for identity and nationality, it is harder for us to calculate what we achieved beneficial. However, we have the reasons to keep our pride high up since we spent our life struggling to establish a free society that benefited […]

Published on Jun 27 2008 // Opinion

HUROB asks core-group to expedite repatriation

Damak, June 27: Human Rights Organization of Bhutan (HUROB) has urged the United States of America and members of core-group formed to resettle interested Bhutanese to expedite the process of repatriation of exiled Bhutanese. The HUROB petition sent to the US Ambassador to Nepal, Nancy J. Powell read, "The lackadaisical stand of the core countries […]

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ABA holds first convention (Diaspora)

New York, June 26: The Association f Bhutanese in America (ABA), a membership based community organization of Bhutanese permanently residing in the United States, held its first convention in Berkely, California on June 13-15. In a statement, latterly received, ABA said Bhutanese from across the United States participated in the convention. Apart from providing opportunity […]

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One citizen carries 48,000 debt (Economy)

Thimphu, June 26: Every Bhutanese now bears the external debt of over Nu 48,000 despite the government claims of hopping improvement for national self reliance. This was revealed when finance minister tabled the budget bill at the National Assembly recently. This is more than per capita income of the Bhutanese in a year and is […]

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