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Demostrations in camps, repatriation urged

Beldangi-I, March 31: Human Rights Organization of Bhutan and Bhutan Gorkha National Liberation Front jointly organised public gathering and demonstration here today morning. They have urged the international communities, core countries for resettling refugees, International Organization for Migration (IOM) and United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to operate repatriation and third country resettlement together. They […]

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Bhutan questions identity of exiled Bhutanese (Reproduction)

KATHMANDU, 30 March 2008: As one of the world's largest third-country resettlement processes started this week in Nepal, with over 10,000 Bhutanese refugees scheduled to be resettled in various Western countries by the end of 2008, Bhutan has disputed that all the refugees are in fact from Bhutan. Sonam Tobgay, head of the policy division […]

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Nine exiled Bhutanese reached Arizona (Brief)

Arizona, March 30: Nine individuals under resettlement programme reached Arizona on March 27 evening. Bhutanese staying in the US received them warmly."Betania and Cathilic Church, a refugee resettlement agency accepted them", said Bidhya Cheetri who was present in the airport to receive those individuals.Bhutan News Service

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Thinley first choice of foreign visit is India

Thimphu, March 29: Druk Phuensum Tshogpa president Jigmi Y. Thinley, likely to be the new prime minister, said his first choice of foreign visit after assuming office will be India. Traditionally, the visit to India remains at the top of foreign visit list for Bhutanese rulers, many not going beyond that. In his first press […]

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King makes appointment in Upper House

Thimphu, March 29: His Majesty the King Khesar has made nominations in the upper house of the parliament National Council. The nominees include Karma Ura, Kinley Tshering, Karma Damcho Nidup, Tashi Wangmo and Karma Yoezar. With the nominations, both the houses in the parliament have all seats filled. According to draft constitution, the NC has […]

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PDP MPs might resign from parliament

Thimphu, March 29: Newly elected parliament members of the opposition party People's Democratic party (PDP) have warned not to take oath in the parliament. The party has accused that have been many unfair practices in the course of elections and demanded revision in the process. The party won only two seats in the 47-member national […]

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PDP shrinks further

Thimphu, March 28: The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) led by royal uncle Sangey Ngedup further shinks to two seats, after the Election Commission declared Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT) victor in Chukha district on Thursday. Now the PDP will have only two seats in the parliament. The commission said the votes were wrongly noted in the […]

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NFD termed elections as &#039hollow and farce&#039

Birtamod, March 28: National Front for Democracy (NFD) Bhutan termed the recent parliamentarian election as 'hollow and farce'. Issuing a press statement NFD said though a historic event in the history of Bhutan, the so-called democratic election would serve the purpose of hoodwinking international community and developing the regime's own absolute strength. Putting seven points […]

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Bhutan achieves highest GDP growth in Asia

Thimphu, March 27: United Nations has estimated the GDP growth of Bhutan in 2007 to be 17.6 percent, double the government estimation of about 8.5 percent. According to the report of the UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and Pacific, made public throughout the Asia on Thursday, Bhutan’s GDP growth rose dramatically from 5.5 […]

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Refugee right to property restitution (Reproduction)

By Vidhyapati Mishra A study report on the Bhutanese refugees by South Asians for Human Rights (SAHR) published in April 2007 highlighted that "resettlement is the only viable option; the refugees want an assurance that their right to return to Bhutan would be protected, should democracy be restored." The members of prominent mission of SAHR […]

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