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Debates and democracy

The public debate to prove one’s candidature to a posting under contest is more popular among democracies, specifically in the US where the presidents go live debating on politics. The practices might be of less priority for other country whose politicians rather opt public debates at the public masses organized by concerned parties as part […]

Published on Nov 30 2007 // Opinion

People threatened in camp, CPB-MLM denies involvement

Damak, November 12: A pamphlet, claimed to be posted by the Communists Party of Bhutan (CPB-MLM)-affiliated All Bhutan Revolutionary Students Union (ABSRU) and Bhutan Republican Youths Organisation (BRYO) in Beldangi-I camp on Sunday night has 'blacklisted' at least 12 individuals and carried warning to take people's action against them. The pamphlet is reportedly learnt to […]

Published on Nov 29 2007 // Main News

ECB disqualifies party having no royal links

Thimphu, November 28: The Election Commission of Bhutan has said the leaders of the Bhutan People’s United Party (BPUP) have no vision, goals and aspirations for a democratic Bhutan. The ECB, but, did not explain under what rationale the party leaders have been termed so. In a notice published on Tuesday, ECB said it cannot […]

Published on Nov 28 2007 // Main News

US officials start final interviews for resettlement

Damak, November 27: As part of speeding up the resettlement process, the second stage of interviewing of the exiled Bhutanese interested to third country resettlement by the US government officials has begun on Monday. The filed of those people interviewed by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) has been handed over to the US government’s […]

Published on Nov 28 2007 // Main News

Bhutan-India to celebrate jubilee of Nehru’s visit

Siliguri, November 27: Agreement has reached between Bhutan and India authorities to jointly celebrate the golden jubilee of Jawaharlal Nehru’s first visit to Bhutan next year. India’s first Prime Minister visited Bhutan in September 1958 that paved the beginning of a new relationship between these countries. The visit opened up the Bhutan to outside world, […]

Published on Nov 27 2007 // Main News

BPP says resettlement split Bhutanese community in exile

Kathmandu, November 26: Bhutan People’s Party (BPP) said the offer of the third country resettlement was part of the larger conspiracy to support the autocracy of the Bhutanese regime and against the democratic struggle of Bhutan. In a statement on Monday, BPP president Bala Ram Poudel said lack of transparency in the activities of the […]

Published on Nov 25 2007 // Main News

Indian MPs delegation to visit Thimpu

New Delhi, November 25. A delegation of Indian MPs is scheduled to visit Thimphu and take an account of the preparation of the first democratic elections in Bhutan. A release issued by Anand Swaroop Verma of Bhutan Solidarity disclosed this fact. The decision was made unanimously in a seminar organized by Bhutan Solidarity in New […]

Published on Nov 25 2007 // Main News

Leaders demand to stop &#039campaign&#039 for resettlement

Birtamode, November 24: Exiled Bhutanese leaders have accused that the US offer for third country resettlement has divided people in camps.   At an interaction program organized in Birtamode on Saturday, leaders also claimed that conspiracies were underway to make exiled Bhutanese homeless for ever. Leaders also demanded to halt 'campaign' that has been going on […]

Published on Nov 24 2007 // Main News

More SSBs for border vigil

Siliguri, November 23: Forth after the West Belgal government and the Bhutan agreed to tighten the Bhutan-India border, Sashastra Seema Bal (SSB) has started recruitment for deployment on the borders. The SSB has said special emphasis is on strengthening the intelligence network along the border areas. Bhutan said this was important to take caution on […]

Published on Nov 23 2007 // Main News

‘Delay in justice might be devastating’

New Delhi, November 22: Indian, Nepalese and Bhutanese leaders have warned the concerned governments that delay in finding justifiable solution of the crisis created after the Bhutanese regime evicted its citizens in 1990 will have devastating results. Speaking at a seminar organized by Bhutan Solidarity in International Club on Thursday, senior journalist of India Ananda […]

Published on Nov 23 2007 // Main News