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Mock election or a scheme of establishing king&#039s party?

On the third week of April 2007, King Jigme Singe Wangchuk and his son's government (KJSWand G) completed the well-calculated drama of so-called first Mock election in Bhutan. The second round of the drama is yet to be played on 28 May 2007 by conducting another mock election. These dramas are popularized on the pretext […]

Published on Apr 30 2007 // Opinion

Economic growth goes down

Thimphu, May 01: The economic growth of Bhutan came down drastically in 2005 compared to 2001 and 2004. Thus, the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth has been dropped to 6.5 percent in 2005 from 6.8 in the previous year. The annual report of the Royal Monetary Authority states that this was because of decline in […]

Published on Apr 30 2007 // Main News

Third Country Resettlement : How Durable For The Refugees? (REPRODUCTION)

By T. P. MishraFinally, the America's offer of third country resettlement has given rise to a lot of debate. Despite several attempts by the refugees to oppose it, the US and some western countries seem committed to expediting the process of resettlement latest by early 2008. Besides the formation of a core group comprising 14 […]

Published on Apr 30 2007 // Main News

Resettlement of Tibetan refugees in Nepal still at large (REPRODUCTION)

The visiting US officials Mr. Lawrence Bartlett, Deputy Director for Asia and Near East and Ms Janice Belz, Deputy Director for Admissions, in a press statement here, confirmed that the Government of Nepal has agreed to allow third-country resettlement of Bhutanese refugees but, they did not answer whether the same applied to the resettlement of […]

Published on Apr 30 2007 // Main News

Iran urged to halt repatriation

KABUL: Afghanistan’s government on Sunday called on neighbouring Iran to suspend the repatriation of Afghan refugees because the country lacks the resources to resettle them. Foreign Ministry spokesman Sultan Ahmad Baheen said about 30,000 Afghan refugees, including women and children, had been sent home from Iran in the past week alone. He said war-torn Afghanistan […]

Published on Apr 30 2007 // Main News

The silent suffering of Bhutanese women

By Deo Maya Giri In actuality women are wonderful creatures of this world who help man from household works to nurturing a child. The existence of the world would have been impossible had there been no women. They are the goddess of tolerance, embodiment of love & passion and inevitable co-partner of man. Despite these […]

Published on Apr 30 2007 // Main News

Resettlement to begin by January, Denmark, Australia extend hands

Beldangi/Kathmandu, April 25: The resettlement of exiled Bhutanese in the United States would begin by early next year. The two US officials, Deputy director at the US foreign ministry Lawrence Wartlet and registration assistant Janice S. Belz, visiting the camps in Jhapa and Morang districts in Nepal said on Wednesday that the resettlement process would begin […]

Published on Apr 28 2007 // Main News

Bomb planted in Phuentsholing, security tightens

Phuentsholing, April 25: Bhutan police has tightened the security after a bomb, later defused, allegedly planted by detractors of the monarchy was found near Phuentsholing district. A Royal Bhutan Police official said the explosive was found on Monday near a bridge in Phuentsholing, about 180 km from the capital Thimphu. "Security has been intensified and […]

Published on Apr 25 2007 // Main News

Financial hardship for Bhutan’s exiled media (REPRODUCTION)

News & Features – South Asia  By T P Mishra  An estimated one sixth of the total Bhutanese population was forcibly evicted during the early 1990s and more than 100,000 are still languishing as refugees in UNHCR-run camps in Nepal and in various Indian states.  In order to keep the refugees informed about events in […]

Published on Apr 25 2007 // Main News

Learning from neighbor (REPRODUCTION)

BY Tashi Wangmo Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh:  She is one among the scattered groups of people forming queues outside the classrooms of a public school. Dressed in an orange kurta, Kiranjeet Kaur (name changed on request), 55, is here to exercise her inviolable right as a citizen of the largest democracy in the world. She is here […]

Published on Apr 24 2007 // Main News