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A Family&#039s Psychic Journey to an Unreachable Horizon

The play, at the Cherry Lane Theater, is named for the kingdom in the Himalayas, but everyone in it talks like a caricature of a Maine lobsterman, since it's set somewhere in New England, and that exaggerated drawl (done inconsistently here, as it almost always is) is theatrical shorthand for "poor and undereducated." Happily, there […]

Published on Oct 31 2006 // Opinion

Demonstrators arrested in Phuentsholing

Damak, October 30: The Bhutan government on Sunday arrested more than 10 of the exiled Bhutanese who stated demonstrations in Phuentsholing demanding early repatriation. According to the press statement issued by chairman of Human Rights Organization of Bhutan (HUROB) S. B. Subba, all of the arrested people are kept in the local police custody. The […]

Published on Oct 30 2006 // Main News

Other than the US are also willing: UNHCR Nepal chief

Kathmandu, October 28: The western countries other than the US have also shown interest to take exiled Bhutanese for resettlement. The office of the UN refugee agency in Kathmandu has said these countries have been demanding the quota they are required to take. We are not in the position to provide the number of exiled […]

Published on Oct 28 2006 // Main News

India wants revision of 1949 treaty

Thimphu, October 28: Indian foreign secretary Shivshankar Menon stressed the need to review the 1949 treaty between Bhutan and India to make it relevant in the changed context. Speaking to Bhutanese and international media persons here on Friday, Menon said, "We need to bring the relationship in line with the changing demands of the times." […]

Published on Oct 28 2006 // Main News

DNC welcomes US offer

New Delhi, October 28: President of the Druk National Congress (DNC) R. K. Dorji has said that the US proposal to take in 60,000 exiled Bhutanese was welcome. "We welcome the US view on exiled Bhutanese," he said. "We thank the Nepal government for its humanitarian support to us," he added. "Though the Bhutanese king […]

Published on Oct 28 2006 // Main News

Census in camps to begin soon

Kathmandu, October 27:Official counting and registration of exiled Bhutanese is likely to begin from first week of November. An interviewer who is officially selected in the team, on condition of anonymity, informed TBR that the registration will begin from Beldangi-I camp. It is learnt that the team employed to conduct the census comprises around 20 interviewers […]

Published on Oct 28 2006 // Main News

&#039Resettlement doesn&#039t deliver justice&#039

Dr. Tara Niraula is the President of New York based America-Nepal Friendship Society established in 1983. Dr Niraula, also the general secretary of Nepalese Americas Council, an umbrella organization for Nepalese societies in the North America, is one of the strong advocates of the issue of the exiled Bhutanese since early 1990s. During his recent […]

Published on Oct 27 2006 // Interview

Interview with Tek Nath Rizal (REPRODUCTION)

The one-and-half-decade-long Bhutanese refugee crisis seemed to have reached a turning point with the recent US proposal to resettle up to 60,000 refugees in the United States. Read full

Published on Oct 27 2006 // Main News

US consulted us on resettlement: Nepalese DPM

Kathmandu, October 27: Nepalese Deputy Prime Minister K. P. Oli disclosed that the US government held consultation with him before the announcement was made to resettle 60,000 of the 107,000 exiled Bhutanese in the US. Oli said announce by the US government for resettlement was made only after he met US Assistant Secretary of State […]

Published on Oct 27 2006 // Main News

Translating GNH meaning is tough for &#039crowing king&#039

Bhutan, the country in political turmoil, seems to go for a gala centenary of its monarchical power by the end of 2007. December 17, 1907 is remembered today as historic, classic and memorable by entire Bhutanese populace. The critics claim that it was the vested interest of the British in India in showing the way […]

Published on Oct 25 2006 // Opinion